National council

Mongolia EITI Multi-stakeholders National council

  • Chairperson of the National Council: The Prime Minister of Mongolia 
  • Deputy Head of the National Council: Minister for Mining
  • Members: Parliament and Government representatives -10, Company representatives - 10, Civil society representatives - 10;
  • Secretary: Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister
  • Meetings: At least once per year

Members of the National Council

  Name Position E-Mail Member since
Mr. G.Yondon

Member of parliament, Ministry of Mining and heavy industry, Chief of National council Oct 2017
Mr. Ch.Khurelbaatar Member of Parliament, Minister for Finance Oct 2017
Mr. D.Sarangerel Member of Parliament, Minister for Tourism and Environment Oct 2017
Mr. B.Javkhlan Chairman of Standing Committee on State Budget of Parliament Nov 2017
Mr. D.Khurelbaatar General Auditor of Mongolia 2019
Mrs. A.Ariunzaya Chairman of General Agency of Registration and Statistics July 2016
Mr. Kh.Enkhjargal Chairman of Independent Authority Against Coruption   July 2019
Mr. D.Munkhbaatar Governor of Tuv aimag   2016
Mrs. N.Bayarsaikhan Head of Step without Border NGO Mar 2009
Mrs. G.Urantsooj Head of Human rights and Development Center Dec 2006
Mrs. P.Erdenejargal Executive Director of Open society forum Dec 2006
Mr. D.Tserenjav Executive director of Transparent Foundation NGO 

Jul 2015

Mrs. L.Bor Head of Ikh Bayan Sharga NGO Jul 2015
Mrs. S.Tserenpurev Head of Administrative New Initiative NGO jul 2017
Mrs. B.Bayarmaa Head of Owners of Khuvsul Lake Movement NGO 2016
Mr. L.Amgalanbayar Head of Bugant Zaamar Burgast Uul NGO Nov 2019
Mr. B.Batbold Member of Board, Civil Council for Environment Jun 2014
Mr. N.Erdenesaikhan Member of Board, Civil Council for Environment 2017
Mr. T.Gantumur President of the Mongolian National Mining Association Dec 2014
Mr. G.Battsengel Executive Chief of Board of Coal Association Jul 2012
Mr. D.Worral General director of Rio Tinto Mongolia LLC Jul 2012
Mrs. B.Bolormaa Chief accountant of Petrochina Dachin Tamsag LLC Jul 2012
Mr. G.Tsogt Vice President of the Mongolyn Alt MAK LLC 2016
Mr. G.Battsengel Chief Executive Officer of Energy Resource LLC  
Mrs. J.Sunjidmaa Manager of Foreign relations  and Stakeholder engagement of Oyu Tolgoi LLC Jul 2012
Mr. M.Boldbaatar Advisor to CEO of Mongolrostsvetmet LLC Jul 2012
Mrs. S.Enkhtuya Executive director of Monpolymet LLC Oct 2017
Mr. D.Galbaatar Deputy director of Marketing Department of Erdenet Mining Corporation LLC  
Mr. G.Nandinjargal State secretary of Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, Secretary of National Council  

Minutes of Meetings

Attendance  sheet

National Council meeting minutes # Dates
19 National Council Meeting #19 2020-12-30
18 National Council Meeting #18 2019-12-19
17 National Council Meeting #17 2018-12-19
16 National Council Meeting #16 2017-12-21
15 National Council Meeting #15 2016-12-20
14 National Council Meeting #14 2015-12-18
13 National Council Meeting #13 2015-06-04
12 National Council Meeting #12 2015-01-13
11 National Council Meeting #11 2013-12-23
10 National Council Meeting #10 2012-11-28
9 National Council Meeting #9 2012-05-08
8 National Council Meeting #8 2011-11-10
7 National Council Meeting #7 2010-06-24
6 National Council Meeting #6 2010-03-03
5 National Council Meeting #5 2009-11-30
4 National Council Meeting #4 2008-05-19
3 National Council Meeting #3 2008-01-30
2 National Council Meeting #2 2007-03-13
1 National Council Meeting #1 2006-05-12