2 сарын 03, 2021

On July 4, 2013 Mongolia EITI Secretariat have organized the training for Chair and Secretary of EITI Subnational council and local civil society organizations under the subject of "EITI Subnational Council and Civil Society Participation" in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Over 30 Deputy Governors, Specialists and local CSO's from 11 aimags and other UB based CSO's participated in the training. The training goals were to discuss main challenges that are facing in the subnational level to implement EITI nationwide and to determine its possible solutions, to encourage EITI Sub-Councils activity which established according to Government Order#222 and discuss and get feedback on a sample working guidance of subcouncils etc.

During the training participants highlighted that sub-councils responsibility is a vital to implement EITI in a local level and to ensure its sustainablity legal background and financing should be clear. Besides, they also said that sub-councils shall focus on bag and soum level not on aimag level to outreach ordinary people who affect mining activity and vulnerable and incorporate its activity with Civil Hall and Civil Representatives Meeting.

Finally, organizer committed to integrate all those constructive comments into Sub-Councils sample working guidance and to introduce to and approve by EITI MSWG and National Council by the end of the year, to organize regional EITI Conferences in August, September and October among the nationwide, to prepare 5 EITI Trainer from local level, to encourage government-extractive industry-civil society effective cooperation in a subnational level.

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