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Expertise        law, governance, public administration
Expertise Group        Legal/ Policy Advice

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The main objective is to prepare drafts of Mongolian EITI law and relevant legislation, study work, and 
introductions compliant with international best practices. 

Scope of Work

The main task will be to work with MMHI and its legal working group, and international legal expert in 
close coordination, be responsible for the translation of Mongolian-English/English-Mongolian languages, 
to help them finalize mining sector legislation and coordinating with the international legal expert 
(para. 2) to ensure that legislation conforms with good international practice. The expert will also 
support the Government to prepare activities required to implement the recommendations including (i) 
developing communication strategies, (ii) organizing consultation events, and (iii) organizing press- 
releases and media events as required. The legal expert should consult with the diagnostic team in 
coming up with their implementation plans. 

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The individual must be willing to sign confidentiality agreements with the Government of Mongolia. 
Responsibilities include:

(i)    Prepare along with international legal expert Work plan of activities aimed to implement law, 
procedure, and guidelines;
(ii)    The work plan should include detailed activities and timeframe for delivery for each aspect in the 
plan, and will include detailed tasks and responsibilities for future work;
(iii)    Present this draft work plan to the Client and secure endorsement of the Client to the areas of 
focus and the planned activities therein;
(iv)    Work with the international legal expert to prepare initial drafts of Mongolian EITI legislation, 
regulations, and guidelines for review as per the work plan and translate these into Mongolian;
(v)    Ensuring coordination between the international consultant and the Ministry of Mining and Heavy 
Industry and the working group, and taking full responsibility for the translation work;
(vi)    Prepare a consultation plan for the drafts indicated in point (iv);
(vii)    Present initial drafts, consultation plans and implementation to the Legal working group and 
secure their endorsement;
(viii)    Support preparation of a final report which captures all of the elements delivered and sets out 
clear next steps for the government in terms of their implementation.
(ix)    Take part in discussions of law and drafts at the legal working group, Cabinet, Parliament and 
Standing committees, when they have deliberation and update drafts accordingly;
(x)    be prepared to finalize drafts, including required consultation, so that they are ready for 
submission to Cabinet, to the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, or if required;
(xi)    Finalize with the TA working group an implementation plan for the planned legislation, regulation 
and/or guidelines; and
(xii)    As a result of this Consultancy, draft of Mongolian EITI law and procedure including best 
international practices and feasible study work shall be created both in Mongolian and English. 

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The national legal expert must have a law degree, preferably with a post-graduate degree in law, and at 
least 5 years of professional experience in relevant areas of law or government and substantial 
experience in drafting laws, policies and regulation, or legal practice, or in government. He/she must 
be fluent in English and Mongolian, both spoken and written and must be able to read and write English 
at a high academic level.


To apply for this opportunity, please send your resume to: https://www.adb.org/node/645246

express interest instructions: 

  • register in ADB’s consultant database www.cms.adb.org ;
  • create and update your profile;
  • search opportunities;
  • prepare and submit expressions of interest and proposals.


Consultant Management System (CMS) Quick Reference Guide


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