Call for tender: Mongolia seeks Independent Administrator for 2016 EITI Report

The reconciliation of company payments and government revenues must be undertaken by an Independent Administrator applying international professional standards (requirement 4.9). It is a requirement that the Independent Administrator is perceived by the MSG to be credible, trustworthy and technically competent (ibid). Bidders must follow (and show how they will apply) the appropriate professional standards for the reconciliation / agreed-upon-procedures work in preparing their report.

The Independent Administrator shall be a consortium of international and domestic audit firms that will need to demonstrate:

  • offers a lead consultant with internationally recognized professional accounting qualifications (e.g., certified public accountant, chartered accountant, or equivalent professional accounting qualification);
  • is a member in good standing of a body of accountants affiliated to the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).  The firm shall have adequate staff and resources to devote to the task. 
  • Familiarity with EITI and previous EITI reconciliation experience is desirable.
  • the mentioned domestic audit firm, party to consortium should hold a valid audit license granted by the Ministry of Finance of Mongolia, a copy of which shall be attached to expression of interest.
  • Evidence of establishment of consortium, relevant copy must be attached to expression of interest. If the work is planned to implement jointly with subsidiary or daughter company, the authorization must be also attached.

In order to ensure the quality and independence of the exercise, Independent Administrators are required, in their proposal, to disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest, together with commentary on how any such conflict can be avoided. 

Find more information on the Terms of Reference for Independent Administrator of Mongolia EITI 2016 Report

Please submit your expression of interest with all necessary documents in English and Mongolian by February 15, 2017, before 15.00 pm, Ulaanbaatar time, to the Mongolia EITI Secretariat at:

EITI Secretariat of Mongolia,
Tuushin building room 314
Prime minister Amar street

Ulaanbaatar, 210620A, Mongolia 

Tel: +976-70110525, Fax: +976-70110155


Terms of Reference:

Хаяг: Монгол улс, Улаанбаатар хот, Сүхбаатар дүүрэг-14200, ЕС А.Амарын гудамж, Туушин ХХК-ийн байр, 314 тоот өрөө

Утас: +976-11-70110525

Факс: +976-70110155

Цахим шуудан:,